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The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) welcomes suggestions for comparative effectiveness research questions that will result in practical information to help patients and other stakeholders make informed decisions about their health care and health outcomes. PCORI invites you to submit a research question.

PCORI is interested in questions that compare the effectiveness of two or more strategies for prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, or management of a condition; compare alternative system-level approaches; or compare factors that may affect patients’ adherence to treatments. In addition, we also are interested in questions that would help address disparities in health care, improve the communication of research findings, or advance methods for patient-centered outcomes research. For more information about the type of research PCORI funds, please see PCORI’s National Priorities for Research.

Example Question: People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) need information on the safest and most effective way to quit smoking. How does a traditional education program on how to quit compare to a guided maintenance therapy program with nicotine replacement? (Read more about this project.)

Topics submitted to PCORI will be posted word for word, so please make sure you do not include any personally identifiable information or sensitive information that you would not like to publically display on the PCORI website.

Suggesting a research question is the first step in a six-part process to identify specific research topics for funding. We will carefully consider each question and determine which ones we will fund with input from patients and other stakeholders. To see what PCORI has already funded, please visit our Funding Awards page.

After submitting your research question, we will assign it a topic ID that will allow you to track the status of your question through our research prioritization process. All submissions are reviewed by PCORI staff and grouped together with similar topics by their disease/condition, population addressed, or other descriptive information. PCORI staff will determine if the research question is already addressed in an existing PCORI funding announcement and/or if the research question has been answered, in whole or in part, by PCORI. If this is the case, the research question will not move any further in the PCORI research prioritization process. Some submissions will be ineligible for further consideration because they are not within the scope of the research that PCORI funds, which is patient-centered comparative effectiveness research. Research questions that are eligible for further consideration will continue on through the research prioritization process.

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